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Gretchen Horinger

E-RYT 200


So grateful I was able to Zoom into class this morning with my teacher/mentor/moon goddess @marnitask. 

I've spent hundreds of hours (literally) at her feet, but somehow (let's call it #Marnimagic) every time I step onto my mat to practice with her, I feel the renew excitement, wild eye wonder, awe, + eagerness of a brand new student. 

I love knowing that as a 15 year practitioner of yoga the journey is no where near over.

There will always be more to learn +space to grow as both student + teacher. 7/16/2020

Scene Magazine:

Best Yoga Instructor

“As an actress living in New York, Marni Task was constantly being told that she needed to look at her whole body as an instrument in her acting. Since she could never figure out which instrument her teachers were talking about, a flute? A French horn? She decided to take up yoga. Task studied at the world-renowned Jivamukti Yoga Center in New York and became a certified yoga instructor in 1995. She moved back to Cleveland and today, she’s revered by fellow teachers and students alike. ‘She has a great understanding of the body, and she’s good at articulating the way in which you can move your body to find that space where the mind and body begin to connect,’ says Tammy Lyons, Task’s boss at Inner Bliss Yoga in Rocky River. Task is also good with non-yogis who just want to get their legs behind their head. At the end of her sessions, you feel stretched to your physical and mental limits.”

Robert Hawkins

200 CYT

Jivasara Graduate 

“I have heard about every YTT that it is transformational. I entered a cynic but was proved wrong. Taking Marni’s teacher training was the best thing I have ever done for myself. Period. If you are intending to become a Yoga Teacher, consider this; Today I had my first audition at a Yoga Studio and walked out as the Studio’s newest teacher. That’s the power of Marni’s teacher training – it prepares you to be a teacher out of the gate. Even before this audition I was already a substitute at two locations and am in discussions with another simply because they knew I was a Marni graduate. Marni’s training is a superb balance of philosophy, teaching skills, learning assists, and a fantastic anatomy teacher (Gina Schatz The Schatz Method) who is a Marni graduate herself. But the key is Marni herself. She holds the space and helps each of her students through the process of transformation, introspection, and personal growth. Her knowledge of yoga in all its aspects is truly inspirational. Whether you plan to teach or just want to deepen your practice, you simply cannot go wrong with Marni’s Yoga Teacher Training”

Karen Cooper, MD

“Thank you for such a terrific class! I’m sure you’re sick and tired of hearing me rave about your classes, but honestly, you are one talented teacher!”

Renee Parrish

“Just wanted to congratulate you on being Cleveland’s Best Yoga Instructor. That’s really exciting! I guess I’m not the only student that really enjoys your classes!”

Allison Conte

“Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful start to a new beginning in Columbus. I truly enjoyed the workshop and hope that other Ohions get the benefits of more Jivamukti to come.”

CYT Mandy Gordon

“My yoga teacher training experience was one of the most transformative I have been through. I was introduced to so many different aspects of yoga and the experience took my spirituality to another level.”

Jason Battung,

Physical Edu. /

Yoga Teacher

“Marni has a harmoniously diverse combination of yogic backgrounds that she infuses into her training…I am forever grateful to call her my teacher.”

Jennifer Lenhart

“Marni’s teacher training was intense, empowering, and amazing. She infused each training session with her warm, upbeat personality and shared her vast knowldge of yoga…”

Heather Anderson Bol

"The training is so thorough – spiritual, philosophical, anatomical, psychological, and holistic.  I found enormous personal healing - regained physical freedom from serious pervasive injuries; stepped into my true Path toward spiritual awakening; and in these nine months had a crystal clear sense of this smaller ”self” realigning with the true “Self” – with new space for Listening, after a long period of feeling progressively more disjointed and dis-integrated.  I learned practical tools for injury prevention and recovery, which realigned Chakras and cleared energy channels so the Higher Consciousness could re-root, reveal her Self.  And all these tools for my own awakening, I also learned to SHARE more deeply, in my teaching.


I am eternally grateful to Marni Task, Spirit Warrior Angel, for offering me an opening toward my own Enlightenment – and for the opportunity she has offered me to make space for others to find their unique Liberation."  

Jackie Acho

"Marni Task- brings ALL of her heart and soul into class. The real deal. Yoga, but not in an untouchable way. In a way that’s human and vulnerable and funny too. She helps us see what we are reaching toward, but also what we can do right now. High standards. The multifaceted nature of the work we did between classes and in class. Spiritual, physical, mental. Everything wrapped up together, reinforcing the lessons from a different angle. Learning how to assist helped up understand the poses in a whole new way. Darma talks gave us practice and more comfort sharing spiritual inspiration in class. Teaching each other in class and between training weekends got us practice up in front of class. We can never have too much of that." 

Sarah Perkins

"Marni is a gifted teacher that inspires and uplifts her students.  Her teacher training left me with the knowledge and confidence to know I was ready to teach on my own.  Marni's training was broad in scope, covering not only how to teach asana, but how to convey philosophy to students as well as pranayama.  Through her program I also learned how to provide my students with verbal cues and hands-on adjustments and assists.  I have and will continue to recommend Marni's teacher training program to anyone who asks."

Tracy (Tess) Pattison


The Inspired Body

Paris, France


Jivasara Class 2010

Marni woke up something in my heart that I could not let sleep again! From my first class with her where she said, laughing, “…and if that makes you roll your eyes it’s probably for you” until now, years after my Jivasara Certification, I carry her voice and feel her love and support, now across an ocean where I now open my heart and home to yogis in Paris, France. She taught me with patience and beautiful attention to both yogic scripture and informed anatomical alignment. The latter was crucial for this “mature” professional dancer full of injuries. I walked in YTT simply wanting to deepen my practice and heal my body. I walked out with the desire to be of service in my teaching. Yoga now informs all the many things I teach, and the way I live and relate to others. I cannot give words to the gratitude I have for Marni for being the bright light and beautiful teacher that she is. Her vulnerability and commitment to “try” inspires me to be the same kind of imperfectly perfect yogi and teacher! Love you Marni. You have given me such a gift. Teacher training was so vital for me and I try every day to keep living and deepening the lessons. 


Tracy (Tess) Pattison


The Inspired Body

Paris, France


Jivasara Class 2010

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