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My yoga teachers say that when we practice yoga and meditation, if we can truly witness whatever it is that arises free

of judgement, whether it’s something that aggravates you or something that inspires you, if you follow it all the way back

to it’s source, you will discover that it all comes from the same ONE LOVE and LIGHT that is the heart of each and everyone of us.

My beloved teachers Sharon Gannon and David Life also say that the practice of yoga is the practice of witnessing our resistance to happiness. When I was introduced to the Allanna Pratt Method and Psylogia Method Processes I was in awe of the ability these exercises have to lead us back to the light AND to help us to witness the raw emotions that often block our pathway to bliss.  Instead of shunning our emotions like anger, jealousy and fear, these qualities are embraced, invited and acknowledged and in doing so we gradually find our way back to the source of where every thought, word and emotion comes from…..that sweet space of grace within.

Both the Allanna Pratt Method and Psylogia Method Processes provide you with a means to diffuse the sticky, lingering emotional charges in any situation.  Whether you’re dealing with deep emotional trauma and  distress or looking to find your purpose and simply want to move forward in your life, these techniques can awaken you to your full potential so

you can live your most authentic, fully lived life. They provide you with tools to accelerate a profound transformation in your life.  It’s a wonderful technique and miracles happen out of doing it. 

I’m excited to witness your growth and awakening! 

Let’s get started! 



Both the Allanna Pratt Method and Psylogia Processes offer:

EMOTIONAL RELIEF- Dissolve stress, anxiety, and deep-rooted emotional traumas.

PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT- Learn to live your life with passion and determination in service to your deepest purpose.

SPIRITUAL AWAKENING- Discover your own truth and get in touch with the most basic existential questions:

“Who am I?” and “What is my purpose?” ( PS these questions are sourced from the ancient yogic text The Upanishads!!!)  



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introductory offer $75 for an hour session.  $100 for 2 sessions.



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