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Photo Credit: Kayla Barnes

2023 ceu credit classes starting in october



Teacher Training:

Jivasara Yoga 200 Hour




Testimonial from Robert Hawkins:

"I have heard about every YTT that it is transformational. I entered a cynic but was proved wrong. Taking Marni’s teacher training was the best thing I have ever done for myself. Period. If you are intending to become a Yoga Teacher, consider this; Today I had my first audition at a Yoga Studio and walked out as the Studio’s newest teacher. That’s the power of Marni’s teacher training – it prepares you to be a teacher out of the gate. Even before this audition I was already a substitute at two locations and am in discussions with another simply because they knew I was a Marni graduate. Marni’s training is a superb balance of philosophy, teaching skills, learning assists, and a fantastic anatomy teacher (Gina Schatz The Schatz Method) who is a Marni graduate herself. But the key is Marni herself. She holds the space and helps each of her students through the process of transformation, introspection, and personal growth. Her knowledge of yoga in all its aspects is truly inspirational. Whether you plan to teach or just want to deepen your practice, you simply cannot go wrong with Marni’s Yoga Teacher Training."

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Photo Credit: Kayla Barnes


“Marni has a harmoniously diverse combination of yogic backgrounds that she infuses into her training…I am forever grateful to call her my teacher.”




In 1987 as part of my acting training at NYU’s Experimental Theater Wing in Paris I was introduced to Yoga. A few years later I met my teacher Sharon Gannon and from that moment on I was hooked! I became a diehard Jivamukti yoga student, or as I like to say, “a trying to live softly, Jivamukti Yoga student!” I began teaching in 1995 and became a Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher in 1997. While teaching in the Hamptons I was introduced to Anusara Yoga. My first teachers were the amazing Doug Keller, Amy Ippoliti, Desiree Rumbaugh and Suzi Hurley. Then, after years of study with John Friend I became an Anusara Inspired Teacher...


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